Acrow Bridge is committed to a more sustainable world. As a provider of transportation infrastructure that remains in place for many years, Acrow takes an active role in protecting the environment. From our sustainable products, to the bridge construction and installation solutions we provide, Acrow Bridge minimizes the environmental impact from its bridges.

Steel is “green”
Acrow bridge components are made from ISO certified US steel mills. Steel is 100% recyclable and is North America’s most recycled material because steel scrap is an essential raw material in making new steel. Steel also uses less energy in the manufacturing process, than other materials such as concrete and continues to reduce carbon emissions.

Hot-dip zinc galvanized for low environmental impact
Each Acrow modular bridge unit is hot-dip zinc galvanized as part of the manufacturing process, down to the pre-drilled holes for pins and bolts. This anti-corrosive process ensures that Acrow bridges will not rust during their lifetime. Galvanizing spares the environment of any contaminants that result from needing to shot blast and repaint a bridge in the future.. Zinc, and the steel it protects from corrosion, are both 100% recyclable, distributing the energy impact associated with the original mining and manufacturing over infinite generations. Hot-dip zinc galvanizing conserves energy and reduces solid, liquid, and gaseous waste.