Acrow Bridges will support El Niño emergency relief effort in Peru

Will train Peruvians on installation and maintenance of modular structures

(Parsippany, New Jersey) – 25 January 2016 – Acrow Bridge, a leading international bridge engineering and supply company, today announced that it has recently completed the delivery of 180 modular steel bridges to Provias Descentralizado, a government agency in Peru overseeing infrastructure related to rural development and social inclusion programs. In addition, Acrow has contracted with the agency to deliver 41 additional bridges ahead of the anticipated impact of a strong weather pattern known as El Niño, which will be active well into 2016. Experts have predicted that the meteorological event could rival or even surpass the worst on record, in 1997, when Peru was devastated by flooding and landslides that killed 200 people and destroyed property worth $3.5bn. Shipment of the additional Acrow bridges is ongoing and will be completed within with coming weeks.

The structures, which range from 15 meters to 54 meters in length in addition to multi-span bridges, are being installed throughout the country by Peruvian engineers and technicians after training by Acrow on assembly, installation and maintenance. Acrow will continue to provide technical advisory services on-site to select installations.

Acrow has supplied more than 245 bridges to Provias Descentralizado in the past two years as part of a Presidential initiative to expand the country’s bridging network, connecting regional communities to the main arteries of transport.

“Acrow’s support of Provias Descentralizado and the Peruvian people as El Niño approaches is reminiscent of Acrow’s emergency response support in Chile after a major earthquake in 2010, in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina in 2005, and in El Salvador in 2010 after a tropical storm,” said Paul Sullivan, Acrow’s Vice President of International Business Development.

Bill Killeen, President and CEO of Acrow Bridge, said “Acrow bridges are designed and manufactured with high strength galvanized steel for a service life of 75-100 years, yet they are also an ideal solution for emergency applications. Acrow bridges can be assembled within days with no heavy construction equipment; thus, opening roads and motorways rapidly and reestablishing connectivity for individuals, families, businesses, and government emergency personnel, which are all critical facets to achieving a level of normalcy following the losses of bridges and roadways.”