Acrow Arctic Riders Case Study

Acrow’s Modular Steel Bridge Provides Arctic Riders Snowmobilers Club With a Safe, Permanent Crossing of the Driftwood River

An Acrow Bridge will allow for the earlier opening of the snowmobile trails that will help bring in tourism dollars to Smooth Rock Falls and the region, and will make travel across the Driftwood River much easier and safer for sledders.

Community is all about building bridges, and the Smooth Rock Falls – Fauquier Arctic Riders Snowmobile Club knows that.

About two years ago, the club and its members decided to start the process of applying for grant money to build more bridges, one being the Driftwood River bridge. The club stated the new bridge is required because ice made the area a constant hazard and that the bridge would enhance the groomer operator’s safety.

In addition, the bridge will allow earlier season opening for snowmobilers in the area, as building an ice bridge takes time and co-operation from Mother Nature.

Per the Timmins Press “This earlier opening of the snowmobile trails will bring in tourism dollars to Smooth Rock Falls and the region, and extended season for snowmobilers,” explained club president Raymond Labonté.

For the New Driftwood River Crossing, Acrow Bridge provided a 51.8m. (170ft) Span Panel Bridge. With a roadway width of 4.14m, to accommodate a timber deck and is designed for snowmobiles, groomer & snow load combinations as per the MNR Guide lines and CHBDC.

Acrow’s modular bridge components made it easy for the contractor to transport the 170ft bridge to the remote job site. The bridge was assembled and installed under two weeks. An innovative launch method was used to allow the entire structure to be assembled and installed using just a backhoe and an excavator. As there was insufficient space to assemble & launch in the usual way, the bridge was launched forward on rollers onto a modified truck trailer on the frozen river which then carried the leading end of the bridge across to the far side.

Download Case Study: Arctic Riders Bridge Length
  • 170 feet (51.8M) span
Bridge Width
  • The Acrow bridge has a 13.5 foot (4.14M) clear travel way between the guide rails.
Guide Rails
  • N/A
Deck Surface
  • Contract document required Timber Deck
Design Life
  • 75 years minimum
Bridge Erection
  • Cantilevered launch
Live Load
  • The bridge was designed in accordance with MNR Guidelines & CL625 design loading as per CHBDC-2006 code.
Bridge Finish
  • All major components galvanized to AASHTO M111 – ASTM A 123
  • All bolts are hot dipped galvanized
  • All pins are electro galvanized
Bridge Design
  • (A) Panel chords, diagonals, verticals, panel reinforcing chords, rakers to AASHTO M223 GD 65
  • (B) Decking, raker brace, transom, top chord brace, swaybrace, transom brace, diagonal chord brace to AASHTO GD 50
  • (C) Panel pins to ASTM A 193 GD b7
  • (D) Bolts to AASHTO M164M – A325