Kedgwick Case Study

Acrow Provided the Longest Clear Span Vehicle Bridge in Canada to Support Logging Operations

The prefabricated modular steel panel bridge quickly replaced the damaged bridge to create a safe and reliable support system, minimizing costs and delays.

Acrow Bridge partnered with AV Cell Inc., an international exporter of wood pulp, to supply a 260 foot (79M) clear span bridge near Kedgwick, New Brunswick to support logging operations. The structure replaced an existing bridge that had a center pier which had been damaged by river ice flows. The prefabricated modular steel bridge is the longest clear span vehicular bridge supplied by Acrow to date in Canada.

Prefabricated modular steel bridging is a cost-effective solution for meeting many of the transportation infrastructure needs of the natural resources sector. Acrow’s galvanized steel bridges are engineered to withstand severe conditions and frequent use. Even under the most rugged conditions, they are practically maintenance free.

Acrow designed and installed a bridge that was capable of accommodating a seven-axle vehicle with a gross weight of 737 kN used to transport heavy logs and withstand environmental damage. The new bridge securely spans the river below without traditional support piers in the water, which are typically vulnerable to structural damage when exposed to river ice flows.

Built to last, the Acrow panel bridge can be installed as permanent or long-term temporary structures, depending on the customer’s needs. Many customers use Acrow bridges for temporary access and like the fact that the bridges can be easily disassembled and reassembled for use wherever needed.

The delivery and installation of the steel bridge components began in the Fall of 2013. The modular design of the components ensured a fast and straightforward bridge assembly and installation, requiring minimal equipment to construct the bridge and then roll it into place.

Download Case Study: Kedgwick Bridge length:
  • 260 feet (79.3M) span
Bridge width:
  • The Acrow bridge has a 13.5 foot (4.1M) clear travel way between the guide rails and 18.5 feet (5.6M) between trusses
Guide rails:
  • A PL-1 Guard rail was supplied by Acrow
Deck surface:
  • CCA Treated Eastern Hemlock
Bridge erection:
  • Full cantilevered launch
Live load:
  • 737 kN pulp truck in accordance with CHBDC-2006 code
Bridge design:
  • (A) Panel chords, diagonals, verticals, panel reinforcing chords, Rakers to AASHTO M223 GD 65
  • (B) Decking, raker brace, transom, top chord brace, swaybrace, transom brace, diagonal chord brace to AASHTO GD 50
  • (C) Panel pins to ASTM A 193 GD b7
  • (D) Bolts to AASHTO M164M – A325
Bridge finish:
  • All major components galvanized to AASHTO M111-ASTM A 123
  • All bolts are hot dipped galvanized
  • All pins are electro galvanized