Acrow’s Modular Steel Bridge Provides Snowmobilers Safe, Permanent Crossing of the Driftwood River in Northern Ontario

Structure will allow earlier season opening for snowmobilers in the area

(Bolton, Ontario) – 15 January 2015 – Acrow Bridge, a leading international bridge engineering and supply company, has announced that it recently completed the installation of a permanent steel structure for the Arctic Riders Snowmobile Club, Smooth Rock Falls-Fauquier in Northern Ontario. The nonprofit club provides volunteers who groom over 220 km (136 miles) of snowmobile trails in the area.

Although a bridge existed in the same location from 1970 until it was removed in 1980, the club has had to build ice bridges at this and other crossings in more recent years. When applying for grant money for the bridge, the club noted that the bridge was necessary as ice posed constant hazards for riders and groomers alike. The new structure will also allow for an earlier start to the season, as construction of an ice bridge is time-consuming and dependent on weather conditions. It will also bring in more tourism dollars to the town and the region.

Once the grant money was received, a 51.8 m (170 ft) Acrow bridge was selected for the site. It has a roadway width of 4.14m (13.5 ft) and a timber deck and is designed for snowmobiles, groomer and snow load combinations as per the MNR guidelines and CHBDC. The design life of the bridge is 75 years minimum.

Acrow’s modular components made it easy for contractor Villeneuve Construction to transport the bridge to the remote job site, where the structure was assembled and installed under two weeks. An innovative launch method was used to allow the entire structure to be assembled and installed using just a backhoe and an excavator. As there was insufficient space to assemble and launch in the usual way, the bridge was launched forward on rollers onto a modified truck trailer on the frozen river which then carried the leading end of the bridge across to the far side.

Funding for the project was received from the National Trails Coalition (a federal entity dedicated to the building, maintaining and promoting trails and trail use across Canada), the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, and the Northern Corridor du Nord Snowmobile Association.

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