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Prefabricated modular steel bridging is a proven time-tested solution to meeting diverse permanent, temporary and emergency needs. From ease of customization to speed of installation, modular steel bridges delivers many advantages over comparable conventional bridges. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) of the United States advocates the use of prefabricated modular systems because they offer significant time and cost savings, safety benefits, environmental advantages and convenience for travelers.

Acrow’s proprietary technology takes the modular steel bridge to new heights.  It starts with the materials that Acrow uses – high strength, high quality U.S. steel from ISO-certified mills.  It continues with Acrow’s advanced design and engineering of its bridge components, such as orthotropic deck panels that distribute loads more efficiently across the width of a bridge.  And in manufacturing, Acrow hot-dip zinc galvanizes every bridge component down to the pre-drilled holes for pins and bolts for anti-corrosion and easy maintenance.

Acrow’s technology platform – the Acrow 700XS® panel bridge system – is considered a gold standard in steel bridging.  Now in its third generation, the 700XS technology is used in tens of thousands of bridges around the world.

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