Versatility defines Acrow’s comprehensive bridge offering for cars, trucks and other passenger and commercial vehicles.  Acrow bridges can be easily lengthened, widened and strengthened to address a full range of vehicular needs as well as different design load standards.  Sidewalks can also be added.

Acrow bridges are designed with safety as a top priority, and the vehicular bridge is no exception. In addition to superior structural integrity, Acrow offers technological advancements that address driver safety, including:

  • Flat steel deck technology – Unlike alternative open grid systems, the Acrow deck unit is a flat solid surface onto which Acrow can apply an anti-skid aggregate coating. The aggregate driving surface offers better and safer traction than asphalt. In all weather conditions, the Acrow driving surface has been found to provide a significantly safer and less slippery surface than other flat driving surfaces that use checker, diamond or Durbar patterned steel plates.*
  • Crash barrier system – Acrow bridges can be easily installed with optional steel railings.  These crash barriers are built to deflect a Test Level 4 (TL-4) crash impact of approximately 27.5 tons (25 metric tonnes) from a large tractor trailer. This type of crash rail system is approved by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration for use on high-speed Interstate Highways, which require the strongest and most robust crash rails to protect motorists.

(* Based on tests conducted by Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, USA)