Because of the versatility of Acrow’s modular steel technology, any Acrow bridge designed and engineered for permanent use can also be used as a temporary bridging solution. In many cases, Acrow’s temporary bridges have worked out so well that at the customer’s request, they have been reengineered using additional modular components into a cost-effective, longer-term solution.

Acrow’s temporary bridges are found on construction, drilling and excavation sites all over the world, providing safe and efficient access for workers, heavy off-road vehicles, machinery and equipment. In addition to their structural strength and durability, Acrow bridges are valued for being easy to erect, take down and transport for use in different locations.

Acrow bridges are also used as temporary detours to direct traffic around road construction sites or during bridge replacement and repair, providing safe passage for motorists in a way that facilitates traffic flow while protecting construction workers.