Acrow’s unmatched ability to provide emergency bridging solutions is built on years of experience in creating and restoring transportation lifelines under extreme circumstances. All over the world, Acrow has replaced bridges lost to natural catastrophes and man-made disasters and provided safe and secure access for emergency workers and their equipment at rescue and repair sites.

Emergency Assistance:

Mr. Eugene Sobecki: +1.201.310.9034
Mr. Scott Patterson: +1.201.519.2028

Mr. Paul Sullivan: +1.201.650.0000
Mr. Jack Bishara: +1.416.948.0010





Acrow bridges and shoring systems are ideal solutions for meeting emergency infrastructure needs, deliverable even under the harshest conditions. Fully understanding the great urgency and humanitarian need to respond quickly in an emergency, Acrow has the critical service and supply network in place for fast turnaround anywhere in the world.

From hurricanes, earthquakes and floods to major accidents, terror attacks and military conflict, Acrow has earned a reputation as the bridge design, engineering and supply company of choice in times of crisis.